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What do you guys think about the zerosport 160 degree thermostat? It is like $80. Here is the sales blurb.

"This radiator thermostat from Zero Sports opens at 160 degrees F (71 C) instead of the stock thermostat's 172 F. Zero Sports explains:

"The temperature that brings out the best performance from EJ20 turbo is 70C-80C. The stock thermostat opens at 78C and the water circulates after it has become too hot, so it increases beyond 80c during hard driving, causing substantial loss of power."

Other performance thermostats open at 154 F, which can cause the engine to run TOO cold -- if the car never leaves warm-up mode, you'll see bad gas mileage and reduced performance. The Zero Sports Cool Thermo's 160-degree setting is just right for street driving AND performance use."
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