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Plain and simple, my 18' STI came w/ the yoko's instead of the traditional Dunlop Sportmaxx that everybody seems to downplay a bit.

I've decided to forego an extra set of wheels and just switch tires seasonally (since it's 60$ per 4 tire M&B so it would take me 10 years to break even on a set of wheels + TPMS), and now I'm targeting some more quality rubber when summer comes around, that can also handle track time.

I know I've planned to have the mich pilot sports before my first 2018 track day, but just curious if these Yoko's will underperform about the same as the dunnys.

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I have had no problems with the Yokohama handling high speeds, also great in the rain, wish the sti had a twin scroll turbo though like the wrx

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Give it a few years
dunlop makes tennis balls and yokohama doesn't
A rubber company that makes rubber things. Go figure.

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