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OK..i'm wondering if the anyone on this site is running the Perrin Crank pulley along with the AEM Tru-Power pullies???

the reason i ask this is...Because the Perrin Crank Pulley uses the factory its the same size pulley just lighter..
and then the AEM pullies are bigger in diameter but lighter in weight than the factory Alt,PS pullies but comes with a bigger belt....inwhich will or should work all together

I know the pros and cons on using pulley kits as i have had them on 3 out of my last 4 cars..

so i dont need any responses telling me how i shouldn't use a lightened crank pulley and all that Blah Blah....

i'm just looking to see if anyone on here has tried this combo and how they liked or disliked it...

thanks for your time
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