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Yes - 3 car seats fit in an ‘04 WRX

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A tale as old as time, “having a kid - the fun car has to go.” That’s lame. I got rid of 1 of our SUV’s for this 2004 WRX wagon last month. It’s a blast. I’ve always wanted a stick shift and this was something others could enjoy besides a 2-seat Miata or Corvette. And the kids (we have 3) love being able to climb from the back to the front lol.

So in order to try and get the whole family enjoying it at once, we bought 2 slim fit Diono Radian 3R car seats. Matching blue at that :) Line those up side by side then we squeezed our youngest’s rear-facing car seat on the passenger side. Yes the middle is safer, but there is no LATCH system connection there. Oh, and the 2nd/lap belt connector for the middle seat was stuffed under the seat; took me a hot minute to pull that out. When the youngest gets old enough we’ll grab a 3rd Radian 3R seat and that will absolutely fit 3 wide forward facing / booster hook up.

I realize this post and use case is extremely small LOL but hell, I searched for this when I was considering this generation car. Maybe others will too. I can get a better picture if anyone ever needs

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