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Hey quick question

Had my Cobb Access Port hooked up since the first time the car got all the mods and tune at Procom in NJ

Well wanted to do some data logging - so turn the data log on
Did a few sprints - did 2 logs
Next light the ABS light turned Yellow and would not turn off
Also the C-Diff was showing all bars om the dash and blinking LOCKED

Tried all the buttons - nothing

Disconnected the Cobb AccesPort - shut the car off then on - and BOOM all back to normal

Any Idea's? - does the Cobb put the car in this mode for data logging?

Also the Cobb Gauge display shows different then the mechanical gages - example - the mechanical will show 5 PSI - but the Cobb will show -1.3
Mechanical will show 24 PSI - but the Cobb will only show 14

The details I got from ProCom was that it is making 25PSI at WOT - so I a, confused

Any input will be greatly apprecheated so when I talk to Joe at Procom I dot sound like a raving ID10T
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