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WTB 2015+ black w/blue RA mudflaps

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Location: Boston
Will pick up, or have them shipped
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I've got a set I'm willing to let go for $150 shipped. Never been used and the flap package themselves only opened to inspect. I will take some pics and post when I get home from work tonight.
You interested in my red flaps at all?
You interested in my red flaps at all?
No. I like mine, but I have a blue lapis pearl wrx and the blue on the flaps is more along the lines of the world rally blue. I just wish the blue Rally Armor lettering was darker.

Let me know if you're still interested.
That's a huge loss for me. $150 is already $23 off what I paid, and that doesn't even factor in shipping them to you.

Sorry. G/L
I'm going to guess this is a spammer

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no i was going to put my phone number for buying flaps but sent a private message
Not a spammer lol? Had no idea wth 12 meant
I didnt see you pm. I was using the forum on my phone. Let me check.
i messaged christ wrx because he said he has the blue flps right?
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