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1996 BMW 328is coupe
White w/ tan leather
93,000 miles
5spd manual
2nd owner for 4 months
i have every service record all the way back to original purchase
had it inspected top to bottom recently at Cartenders in Seattle, WA
driven daily about 20 miles round trip

small tear in leather seat, about an inch, fixable
door dings on passenger side, livable
tires in good condition, recently rotated i believe they are 6 front, 8 rear.

I dont know why i bought this car other than its perfect! but i snowboard and its not really want i want to be driving up to stevens pass this winter. I would keep it but i live in seattle and only have 1 parking spot that i want to pay out of pocket for.

sad to see it go, but on to another wrx i plan to go.

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