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five cars: 3 WRX´s

--> 04 black wagon - HIHGLY modded (giant FMI, intake manifold, exaust, boost controler, BIG Turbo upgrade, etc)
--> 01 black sedan (Apexi Boost Controler, Unichip, ScoobaSport Exaust, HR springs, some STI parts, Perrin Intake)
--> 03 Red sedan (my car, absolutly OEM, just bought it on saturday)
--> ??? Yellow supra TT (GREEDY FMI, GREEDY Boost Controler - 450 HP shown on dyno sheet)
--> 03 GOLF GTI 1.8T (Unichip 1.3kg, Exaust, 240HP shonw on dyno sheet)

the runs:

red wrx X golf (we went together until the pass 3trd gear, than he starts to pull up just a little, not more the half a car until 200km/h)

wagon X supre (subaru goes almos one car in front, supra starts aproaching, in 4th gear supra passes and goes one car in front @ 230km/h)

01 sedan X golf (subaru goes like one car in front, @ 210 it it almost 2 cars in front)

we took some pics before we started the hole thing...


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awesome races man, i woulda loved to see those cars in action!

and that guy in the 1.8 needs to learn to drive...

i would love to see the mod list/dyno of him making 240 on stock t
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