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Yesterday, on my way home on the hyway I see a yellow type R in my rearview a few cars back. He is trying to get through a block of cars and speed off like usual ( I see him once a week doing this.) But now I'm broken-in so we are good to go.

I move infront of a slower car in the right lane. Two cars in front of the Type R go past me on the left and I see him holding back. I slow down more to make more of a gap in front of us to run a little. He cathces up to me. And just about when his bumper is at my front wheel, I hear that unmistakable Type R VTEC sound.
He drops and so do I, I was crusing in fith, and dropped to third. I don't know what speed we were going, sorry.

So on comes BOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTT and I am pulling quite well on the Type R. He's about three feet behind me by the top of third. I shift in forth and pull a little more and then let off. The type R is still behind me.

But then he passses me and drives off like a dumb ass. He had a muffler so large, no exadgeration, you could easily stick a grapefruite in there, no problem!:eek:

My first race in the WRX. And I was grinning for quite a while. I'm sure if we had the room and took the race to the toip of forth he would have walked on me, but as far as this race:
WRX 1 - Type r 0
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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