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WRX vs STI vs A3

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Hey guys I am currently in the market to shop for a car with a max at about $35k (not including tax). I was pretty set on the WRX back when I was giving myself a max of $30k but shopping around for comparable performance (i realize the A3 can't beat the wrx but, the luxury I feel is pretty worth the loss). But then the A3 that I would be looking at puts my price at $35k and then it makes me think if I should get the STI. Of course I could still go with the WRX and save the money, but that does not have to be the case.

Getting the STI I would be happy with stock but with the WRX I would want to go get the Premium with the short shifter/bushing/exhaust/front lip which puts the price around $30k I guess.

I love the performance of the WRX/STI and do believe I would love the power. So am I kind of answering my question myself that the STI would be able to go. Would I be able to get a new STI for $35k or am I hoping for too much?

Would really love some advice and thoughts on this as I'm having a really hard time deciding myself. The models I would be getting is 2012 across the board meaning I probably would have to order it online (at dealership) for any of the vehicles I want here.

Thanks :wave:
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Looks like you have made up your mind already. But if you want luxury I would not get the WRX or the STI.
Here in New England, there are almost no 2011 STIs left. $35K will get you a base sedan, no luxury at all. My STI limited sedan was $39K.
have you thought about waiting a little bit until the GTI-R comes out? should be in that price range.
Just went from a 2008 a3 6 speed to a 2011 wrx. Don't even bother with the a3 if your looking for a car to have some fun in.
Yeah if I get this line of car I will def be looking for fun. That is something I am a bit worried about with the A3.

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