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Okay here it goes...

I was on my way home driving through Burbank, CA and come up to a stop light and this cop-like bike comes up to me and revs and looks at my car. This guy was not a cop but a real cheap immitation, he had the white helmet and pansy looking boots on too!(security guard?). So I give him a little taste of my BOV and he looks straight foward. The green comes and were off. He pulls on me immediately (no launch...not worth the clutch damage), but I catch up quick. The look in his face was, "what the F%@#!" Anyways, I pull away from him. He starts to get pissed! In the rear view mirror, I see him downshift (must have been to first ) and the guy's legs kick out from the bike! LMAO So at the time, I felt sorry for the guy and stopped everything. I just thought I would share this funny story with everyone!


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