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Set up:
[bold]Midnight Black Pearl WRX[/bold]
-silencer removed
-one passenger

[bold]Milano Red '99 Integra GSR[/bold]
-Tanabe Racing Medallion cat-back exhaust
-no passenger

we were both at a friend's Debut (think of it as a quincenera, except for an 18 year old and with a bunch of Filipinos :D) practice, and wanted to show Andrew my new found wastegate whoosh...took him for a ride, then asked if i wanted to run when we got back...i agreed..i figured it'll be a good celebration for breaking 1k on my we're off

we roll onto the street at about 10 mph, flagger in my car counts down, we punch it, i pull a car in the matter of moments, 7k comes around, shift to second, now im' slowly walking away...make it midway in 3rd at about 90 the GSR still isn't pulling, so i shut down...first words out of his mouth when we got out of the car, "I need some squeeze" :)...made my day=)

i usually don't race ont he streets, so let me indulge myself this once...hehehe

-Joseph Tan

yah? GSRs are quick but not the fool who tried to race me while I was heading home.

I can't guarantee this was a GSR becuase it was late at night, but it did have a silver badge on the bottom right of teh tailights (which could of been a special edition badge). Well we both stopped at the light and I was taking a friend of mine home. The street ahead of us merges so basically who gets there first gets to cruise down a 1.5 mile road.

Anyways, when I stopped I just looked to the right to see who was driving becuase often there are some cute girls driving fixed up cars and that's always nice to see. Too bad the windows on the Integra was tinted... The light turns green, I had no intention of racing this guy, but I started hearing his exhaust so I was guessing that he wanted a piece of me. I almost caught up to him by the time it got to about 6500 rpm, shifted, and blew past him. Then he just started driving normal maybe becuase he didn't want to seem like he was trying too hard, so when the road split up again I downshifted to 2nd and waited for him, as soon as he caught up to me I blew past him again! HAhaha fun stuff, oh well I was being stupid again but that makes me feel good and the harmless fun is all apart of the $27000 that I pulled out of my pocket. :D
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