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I have a 2019 WRX(not STi), and am wondering if anyone else has thought about or had any of the following issues improved(I realize my issues are subjective):
-the car is noisy, and not because of the purr of the engine or exhaust. When it rains hard, it feels like you're in a tin shack, and the only thing you can hear is the rain as it drowns out everything else!
-the exhaust sound is nice on start-up but isn't distinctive when driving
-the ride can be rough if there are any changes in height when driving on the highway, I've hit some road transitions where it sounds like the front wheels are ready to bust off. Is this because of the low profile tires?
-braking is good but seems like even the WRX could use the same brakes as STi
-added pinstripes or racing stripes
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