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Hey guys!

Thanks to everyone for all the help recently. I was hoping someone could answer me this.

If I have a 2002 WRX stock, what happens if you replaced turbo, injectors, intercooler and fuel pump and tune the vehicle, but leave the Downpipe stock?

I know that doing DOwnpipe and Tune can give some good gains, but what about leaving downpipe and just doing a turbo upgrade.

I only ask because I already have my injectors, pump, intercooler and was planning on selling the parts to do the DP, but i then thought, what about just doing the Turbo upgrade with a VF39 or similar.

Will I still see good gains?

1967Impala is online now
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You would be wasting you time IMO.

Downpipes are cheap, especially compared to the cost of all the other parts.
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