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Hey! Im new to the forum, i got my first car, ive been saving up for around a year now and got a 2009 WRX, the first day the turbo blew and got a new turbo, (the dealer paid for it) it went into my intercooler and my throttle body, they also got me a new throttle body, anyway, the car is running fine now, but i might have a boost leak and exhaust leak? my v2 accessport is showing that im only pushing around 9 max or 6.7 psi, and it also smells like burning gas when WOT, it also makes a weird ticking noise by the intake airbox, and even after i get out of my car it smells like normal gas, and in cabin, i have a stock vf52 turbo and it makes a weird external wastegate noise in boost and its pretty loud. (i dont have a external wastegate). overall it just doesnt seem right, how would i begin to check for a boost leak or exhaust leak for a beginner? thank you. also by the way here are the mods i got it with

catless downpipe, invida dual exhaust, cold air intake. basically stage 2
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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