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I installed my Defi Gauge Pod and Apex gauges. I got Boost, Oil Pressure and, EGT gauges. Apex EL 60mm White face. I did the pod in Carbon Fiber Vinyl with a good clear coat. I electronically wired all the gauges up. I also ran all the sensor lines to the engine compartment.The Boost is the only gauge with sensor installed for now. I ran the oil pressure and EGT leads to the engine compartment and will address those sensor installs in the coming weeks(weekends). Really all the work in the dash is done.

It was actually a pretty easy install. The Apex gauges are expensive but the wiring is real nice and easy. I also like the indiglo the Apex gauges have. All the control units for the gauges are in the gauges themselves. Two harness for each gauge. One is a plug in electric harness(Power, grnd, & switched lighted power, as well as a spare set of data wires I think) The other is a plug in sensor harness. I made a large harness of all the gauge harness's by laying them all out and cable tie'ing it up for a large gauge harness. At the end of this harness I was able to run all 3 sets of Power wires together. The same for the sets of Ground and switched power. So really all I needed to do was tie in the now one set of power, grnd and switched power and I was all set. I pulled the shroud underneath the steering wheel to ease in feeding the harness in and I pulled the vent portion of the dash off by removing the screws behind cupholder, removing the cupholder, then removing the clip harness for the hazard switch which is in the center of the vent dash piece. With all this removed you can then remove this center ventd dash piece. Then I was able to pop out the clock shroud from underneath. I have heard that you can pull up the clock shroud with out removing the center vent dash piece, but since I had to run the harness through I wanted the best access I could get and I also didn't want to have tug to hard. By removing the vent dash assembly you can actually push on the tabs that keep the clock shroud in and it just pops itself out. The clock has a nice release plug wire harness. The real nice thing is that, on the clock itself, where the wire plugs into, has the code for each wire in that plug. So the Power, ground and switched power were all right there identified and ready for taping. How convenient!, no searching for places or wires to tap. I imagine the factory gauge pod install has a plug that plugs right into the clock harness. So I tapped in my power, ground and sw. power leads to the clock leads. I connected the sensor harness and put the whole dash back together. I ran all the sensor leads through the grommet located behind the clutch pedal into the engine compartment. I then cable tied the leads running to different areas of the engine bay.

The gauges look great. Nice and big and the indiglo when the lights are on is real cool! The only question I have for those that have Apex EL gauges is, I understand how to work the Peak,Memory and Warning buttons from the manual but I can't seem to get the warning light for my oil pressure gauge to go off and stop blinking. I can adjust the warning setpoint up or down to max or 0 but I can't seem to get the light to stop blinking. I don't know if this is because I don't have the sensor, sensing anything yet or what. Anyone.... help?

Side view:

Indiglo during the day:

Indiglo at night{Crappy picture}: (I think when I turned the flash off my digicamera it slowed the shutter speed down so much any camera movement blurred everything. I will take a better pic of this soon):

I did this install a few weeks ago now. I have yet still to get the oil pressure and Exhaust gas sensors in yet. I found the OEM oil pressure sensor located beneath the alternator on the power steering side. I can see the sensor and plan on making a 'T' assembly to keep the OEM sensor and add my Apex sensor. It looks as thought the alternator will need to come off to get access to the sensor. I am thinking that I might have the dealer put in the EGT sensor. Not sure I want to drill into the exhaust header myself.

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i think i will get the same gauges setting as you, i know it will looks kool. But cant see the pic now, maybe its an old post, so can u please fix the problem with that. =)

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I can see the pictures fine, must have been a problem locally to you...

I just got my WRX finally, and this is the first mod I really want to do.


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Sorry guys I haven't really checked back that much since the site was all messed up.

To answer a few questions, if the pictures aren't coming through it is probably a thing, as that is where all my pictures are hosted. I have many more WRX mod pics on my photopoint site.

I don't find that the pod gets in my driving site line at all. I think gauge placement has a lot of personal preference. I have never been a big fan of pillar mounted gauges. I always thought they were too far out of the way. I also never liked gauges that mounted on the cluster, I foung it too cluttered. I liked the Subaru OEM gauge placement a lot but I wanted a pod with a bit more style.

I got the pod from Japan, straight from Defi. I think by the time it was all done with shipping it was $130.

The Apexi gauges are NOT cheap. Apexi electronic EL gauges run over $250 each. There are certainly cheaper alternatives but these gauges are certainly top of the line.

Ah...Yes the Turob Timer, the WRX HKS Turbo timer harness will fit the Blitz Dual Turbo timer unit, thanks to Alamo motorsports for the info and parts. I can't wait for more WRX stuff from them. If you haven't seen there webstie go take a look. :)
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