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Sup guys,

Looking for aftermarket headlight (c lights) that have positive rating/reviews - durability . I have search some sites but would like to know what others have found. Thanks in advance.

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Damn so str8 from he dealer? Wack... thanks for the help
OEM parts are kinda odd. They usually force a price.

Since I work for a automotive supplier I'll give you an example of what I'm getting at.

I make all of the springs for the Corvette ZR1, Chevrolet buys them and sells them as Chevrolet springs at X price. That price is going to be what it is within 5-10% basically everywhere.

We sell the spring under our own brand it's 1/2 the price. Rolled off of the same machine, it just happened to land on the left conveyor to a different paint line. Same spring, same machine, same hapless tool in a shop running it all.

So, this is what I would recommend if you decide my opinion is the one you agree with. Surf around online for companies that deal specifically with import salvage. You should be able to find everything you need hardware wise from them. You can get it cheaper than new, but not always together.

The headlight lens may need polished, or they might not have the wiring harness for the HID if it is different than what you have. Mine had the auto level lights or whatever that could be manually aimed. So if yours doesn't you may need additional hardware.

If you decide against my opinion (and that's cool, I'll still bust your balls on it) be wary of these LED headlights or HID bulb in projector housing turds that flood the market. You have one of two problems, or both. They put out no usable light, or they blow light in all directions blinding oncoming traffic, yet not illuminating a darn thing.
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