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A little about me:
My name is Justin, just turned 30 in January. I recently bought a wrecked 2008 STI and I'm going to rebuild it in my driveway and record as much of the process as I can. I've always wanted a Subaru ever since I played the game Gran Turismo 3 lol (18 years ago!:eek:). Sliding out of control while racing just blew my mind and the World Rally Blue! Then I heard the Subie rumble and it was hooked. My dream car was the 04-05 Blob Eye and I actually hated the new look of the 2008+ WRX/STIs. As I got older it grew on me and I started liking them and started saving up. I've never rebuilt a wrecked car before, but I've built a Long Travel Tacoma by myself or sometimes with help from friends in our driveways.​

About the car:
It's pretty much all stock, runs and drives. I found a cob turbo heat shield and it has a Perrin downpipe with a full spt exhaust from the "cat" back. The Damage is Driver fender, hood, bent hood hinges, bumper, core support, crash bar, driver frame horn from about the timing belt forward, driver control arm, headlights, some crash sensors, radiator, a/c condenser bent holds pressure(freon to the face), driver timing cover is broken(pulleys/belts are good), air bags, locked front seat belts, a hand full of random stuff and a couple dents.​

The Plan:
Rebuild it back to pass DMV then lift it a tiny bit, put some beefy tires on it to hit some fire trails and also daily drive it. I've been working on it on my days off about 4 days including buying tools and spending half a day driving to buy a front clip. It's pretty close to being done now. The only parts I need is Driver lower control arm(ordered), Hood hinges(ordered), front seat belts, airbag control module and a battery. The frame/core support is all tack welded, body panels, headlights are loosely on.​

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