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I just got my car back from having the gauge pack installed at the dealership and the oil changed, and a service rep noticed that I had a generic mesh screen (the kind you can use on screen doors), neatly cut to sit atop the intercooler to help limit the damage from rocks and bugs or what have you...he informed the dealership that this would void warranty coverage in the event that such a claim could remotely be linked to overheating (driving the car like it was developed to be driven) or any other way for them to get out of footing the bill. And I thought Subaru's motto was "Race proven not race inspired"? Seems to me if it were race proven, then the engineers on the track would have foreseen the potential of greater harm to the intercooler from debris than reducing the induction by 44/100 of a percent. Of course intercooler damage due to debris is not covered by warranty...just a fyi. Remove said items prior to claiming factory fault.

Enjoy your WRX's discreetly!

If a rock makes it up that high... you should be more worried about it smacking you in the windshield :)

the IC on my DSM is sidemounted and about as horrible a position as possible as far as debris damage is concerned... and it's still in great condition (barely visible scratches, maybe 1 or 2 bent fins of not more than half an inch)... and that's over 6 years now.

I had to take EVERYTHING off for warranty work... one guy was wondering what the hissing sound coming from my A-Pillar was... ha ha



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