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Hello All,

My name is Dano. I'm new to the forums. So new I don't even own a WTX STI yet. However, I am here to inquire about vehicles for sale, gain knowledge and make new friends. If any one is willing to lend a hand to the n00b and let me in on any decent deals they'd be greatly appreciated.

What I'm looking for:

Preferably a 2007 or later WTX STi.
Aftermarket or stock is okay. I'm not a mechanic but I get my hands greasy on the regular. If it's stock I'll make it my own. If its molested.. I can deal with that.

I have deep knowledge in Suzuki 4x4s and Classic (pre 70s) Chevys. I am familiar with how different the Subaru engine is but I'd like to learn more. If theres any hot spots of info that anyone would like to point out. Hit me up pls.

So long for now.

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