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It's getting that time again, the rain snow and ice are on the way.
Be sure your car is ready with a full winterize service so you don't get stuck in the cold.

Don't forget that as the air gets colder (therefore denser) it is easy to overboost your car which can result in catastrophic failure. Be sure to keep an eye on your boost gauge (if you don't have one, get one!) or come by and have your boost checked on our dyno for $65. Even the factory computer (and other electronic boost controllers) can sometimes fail to compensate for extremely cold dense air. The only way to be sure your not overboosting is to have a properly installed and working boost gauge in your car. We have boost gauges in stock starting at $69 (AVO mechanical)

Performance Race Engineering is offering a full winterize service for only $120

Our winter service includes:
Coolant system flush
Replace wiper blades
Clean battery terminals
Check battery (replace if more than 4 years old)
Check brakes
Check tire condition
Check tire pressure (including spare)
Check exterior lights, heater, and defroster

We also recommend an oil change and upgrading to snow tires.

For 16" WRX stock wheels. Studdless snow tires
Firestone Winterforce 205/55R16 - $416 mounted and balanced
Blizzak WS60 205/55R16 - $536 mounted and balanced

For 17" WRX stock wheels. Studdless snow tires
Blizzak WS60 205/50R17- $640 mounted and balanced

Call for other size options and packages 503-619-0055

Other fun snow related items we have in stock
RallyArmor Mud Flaps - $129
RallyArmor Skid Plate - $209
Nukabe Tow Hook kits - $119

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The rain is now officially here! :(
yeah and dec is coming up fast... I'm sure we'll be getting snow again! I hope not as bad as last year!!!

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