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Hey there anyone who is interested.

I've got two spoilers for sale for the WRX or anyone with a 2.5 RS 2001+ body style. I have had the OEM WRX spoiler ever since I got it 3 months ago. And I've also got an unused version 7 spoiler, both with LED lights, if anyone is interested.
I live in Colorado, and it would be great to sell it locally if anyone wants to buy any of the spoilers I have. We could meet up at a place to pick up the spoiler/s. Shipping to a different state would be estimated on where your zipcode. I'm asking $230 for the version 7 Spoiler and $200 for the OEM WRX spoiler. If no one replies, I'll ask for best offer.
The reason for selling these is that my next semester up at CU Boulder is starting and I really need money for text books, so please, if anyone is interested and/or has any questions, please pm me back, I will gladly reply.

Thanks a bunch,
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