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It has been years since I have been back on this forum. I must say I miss it much. Long story short... Went thru divorce and ex-wife was "GIVEN" willingly by myself the WRX due to the fact that she had primary placement of our kids (their safety was my biggest concern). Thankfully I did in some ways because she has had quite a few fender benders since we've been split. Her lack of enthusiasm to the vehicle and neglect of sorts has lead to her purchasing a new vehicle. Upon which she has offered to sell me back my old mod'ed '03 WRX back to me.

So now here lies the dilema. It has taken a huge beating and is in major need of some body work as well as mechanical work. I am looking for either a good autobody shop/person who can assist me with the repair work.. or the parts to replace all of what has been damaged. Here's a list of things that will need the attention:

Front Hood
Front grille
Side pieces directly in between bug eye head lights & Front Grille
Front bumper
Fog Lights
Head lights

Rear Trunk (no wing needed)

All of the above parts have extensive damage to the point where I would like to have it completely replaced or is missing due to her numerous driving accidents. Any help in this would be greatly appreciated. I am located in the Milwaukee area and am looking to get back this vehicle some time within the next month or so. I will try to take pictures to show how extensive the work is. There will be other things I will be looking to fix on the WRX but am looking to get the cosmetics fixed first to avoid the police profiling. Feel free to leave a comment or PM me. Thank you!
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