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Hey guys, new to the forum and I've got a head scratcher of a problem.

It's a bit of a long story, but as far as symptoms go, I'm running rich to the point my plugs foul after a couple minutes. I can rev to redline With no load but I do see it dumping fuel a bit, but under load I start to misfire around 3500+, and can maybe get to 4500 if I'm lucky. I'm not sure if I'm running so rich they won't fire, or I'm just experiencing misfires.

So here's the story:
I have a 1966 bug with a 95 jdm wrx engine - ej20g
I ran the engine for a few months prior to getting the 550 rob tune I had upgraded the coils and it ran great.

When I got the tune, I put a manual boost controller, walbro 255 pump, and some 550 injectors off eBay (had them cleaned but not tested), and new plugs (copper core 0.32 gap as recommended by Rob)

I didn't know the rails were incompatible, and flooded my cylinders. I hydrolocked them trying to start the car. I drained the fuel and managed to set the car on fire for about 60 seconds - yes I'm stupid. I melted a few things, but most of the wires were protected with insulation and ended up fine

The intake, exhaust, and maybe a cylinder or two were left with fuel in them for a full day

I swapped the rails and changed the oil - which had a ton of fuel in it - but left the small filter on and didn't dump it. I added 4 quarts and started the engine. It seemed to run very rich and was unhappy.

Without diving into me trying to diagnose anything. I have checked the vacuum lines and connections for vacuum leaks. It pulls good vacuum on my gauge like it did before. I've put a new o2 sensor in (mine wasn't reading well), swapped with another used MAF (reading increases with throttle, but not sure what the voltage range should be), new knock sensor (old one was cracked, and had a high resistance reading). Checked the tps, Did a compression test, Turned down the boost to 7-8psi, a new coolant temp sensor, another new set of plugs, swapped coils, checked the cam timing, no cel's, double checked the wires to the coils and injectors to make sure they were correct.

After the temperature sensor and plugs were put in, it idled better and without being rich it seemed. It even drive slightly better, but barely. It didn't take long to go back to idling with some pulses, and rich.

The oil smells like fuel again, and I'm wondering if that would make it run that poorly?

I have not done:

A cylinder leak down test - in case something got messed up when I hydrolocked.

A boost leak down test - I did make sure everything was tight

Change the oil again for no fuel smell

Try a new MAF that my friend has

Or do you guys have any ideas? I just want to get my car running again but I'm glad to become more familiar with how my engine works.
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