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White smoke from turbo area

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05 WRX
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Stage 2 93 Oct OTS tune

So I realized that after hit boost no matter what PSI I get this white smoke that comes from the hood. It also has a burning smell too. I noticed it at idle and pulled over to look and it was just smoking a little from the turbo side.

I have yet to pull it out but I've been hearing bad turbo seal, banjo bolts, or leaking oil or steering fluid that burns off the exhaust causing the smoke.

I'm just wondering if anyone has any other ideas what else I should look for or know what it is??

The smoke isn't heavy white either. Very light.

Car has 78K miles on it. OEM turbo also.
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Check and see if your coolant is low, you can also try and pressure test the coolant system. I would think it should leak around the seal if there is a problem.

In my experience burning coolant isn't always dense white, small leaks will be very wispy and not reek of burning antifreeze

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As you have suggested, I would put emphasis on checking the oil feed line, coolant feed line, and both drain lines from the Turbo. It's highly likely one of these is the culprit. If not, you'll want to check valve cover gaskets. Good luck.
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