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Hi guys,

This is my second post into the forum and second problem encountered in the 2/3 months since I purchased my 2011 STI.

To provide some context, I had a puncture in the rear passenger side last week and replaced the two rear tyres (as the garage only had two of the same size). Within 48 hours, I'd sourced the same tyre size/thread/ design and stuck them on the front.

However, it may be a coincidence but, at this time I noticed a whine type noise when the car reaches about 70/80km (4th, 5th and 6th gear). The whine gets slightly louder with additional speed but the tone remains the same. The whine seems to disappear (although not 100%), when I clutch the car so it would seem like it's not bearings (but can i rule this out?).

I took the car to Subaru on Thursday and they can't find a problem. They told me to drive it until it gets worse. This morning, i took it to a Japanese car specislist (who rarely deal with anything other than Subaru or the Mitsu Evo). They thought it may have been the wrong type of oil so changed it to LSD oil but the whine is still there.

I'm properly confused and I'm rumming out of specialists who can advise me.

Has anyone out there experienced this kind of issue or know what it could be?

Thanks a lot in advance guys :)
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