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Which is the 2015+ reverse camera cable?

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Which is the 2016+ reverse camera cable?

I've been searching online and on videos but I can't find any details on which wires are for the reverse camera. I should be getting a new head unit soon and would like to pick up any extra cables I might need beforehand.

According to the wiring diagram for the unit I ordered, it will use a video RCA style plug, but I don't see anything like that in our cars with the stock head unit.
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Head unit? Do you mean the radio? My schematic does not show any connection on the radio for the camera. It shows only a connection to the MFD.
You must have a 2015, I take it. Forgot they didn't set the reverse cam to the HU until 2016.

Where are you finding these schematics?
Here (courtesy of McBill) but they only appear to have up through 2015......

1) Go to this link WRX & STI Factory Service Manuals
2) Download shop manual for your car
3) Unzip
4) Open up folder labeled "wiring"
That actually helps quite a bit, thank you. According to this video, the rear-view camera wires are connected to the 20-pin plug-

Looks like I'll just need to check that doc for the proper cable color and pull it from the 20-pin.
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