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There are several important reasons to place your post in the correct sub-forum category.

1) The moderator(s) of that forum check it regularly and have the technical ability to correctly handle your post and scrutinize the input you get for validity.

2) Many members browse certain forums because they know about that category well, hence you will get higher quality input and they may miss your post in "Everday Impreza Talk".

3) Other people browse those forums looking for answers, hence if your post is in the right place it helps the community.

4) Moving posts is a tedious chore for moderators, and we appreciate your consideration. :)

Your post will not get better input in "EIT" even if you think it will get greater exposure.

Observe the forum categories and their descriptions by clicking the "Forum" button in the header. They are pretty informative and will indicate where you should be posting fairly unambiguously. Most misplaced posts belong in the Technical section - skip to the bottom for that.

Notice that this first section has many categories oriented toward general chat (not troubleshooting or technical topics). You can introduce yourself in the "New Members" section, BS all day in "Off Topic", etc. etc.

The next section is for local organization. Just click your region to set up local activities, meet local members, offer beer & pizza for repair help, sell stuff locally, etc. etc.

Post for sale threads, seek car purchasing advise, etc. here.

Below that is the technical section. This is where your questions regarding all modifications, troubleshooting requests, maintenance questions and information, and informative technical posts belong. There are some ambiguous spots, but put it where you think it fits and someone can move it for you if necessary. "General Maintenance, Trouble Shooting..." is where to get help fixing your car issues. "Engine mods" basically covers all power mods that are hardware related (exhaust, turbos, internals, etc.). "Tuning" covers power mods on the software side.

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