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Long story short, one of the front wheels on my '15 WRX has a stripped stud that I need to replace. I spent the $5 for the replacement stud and lugnut, and am planning on tackling the job tomorrow.

I've watched plenty of Youtube videos on how to do it, and have talked to some coworkers, and I feel pretty confident, but was wondering if there are any gotchyas or main things I should concern myself with before I dig myself into a hole that I can't get out of. Keep in mind I've never worked on brakes, suspension, or anything major in that sense.

One of my friends who I see as knowing the most about cars told me I'll have to compress the caliper pistons to get them back on, but he's the only person in real life or videos that have mentioned that. Is he just being super cautious or is that something I should be ready for? This is the very high level of what I'm expecting to do:

  1. Take the tire off
  2. Remove two brake caliper bolts and place caliper somewhere as to not put tension on brake line.
  3. Use bolt holding brake line in to pop out brake disc
  4. Hammer stripped stud out
  5. Put new stud in, use nut as spacer and lugnut to tighten new stud back into hub assembly.
  6. Slide brake caliper back onto brake disc and bolt in.
  7. Put tire back on.

Any info is appreciated, thanks!

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Pretty much it. That hammer the stud out part doesn't always go as easy as it is to say that. If you have an air hammer use it
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