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I went to install my new Kartboy Rear Sub-frame bolts on my 04 WRX wagon the other day.

While loosing the rear sub-frame bolts, one of them would not budge, so I took it to my alignment guy to take a look. He said it might break if he hit it with his impact.

He asked me what was on top of the bolt (type of nut) in the frame so that if the bolt did break he would know what we would have to do get it out.

I have no idea, so I thought I would ask if anyone knows what the sub-frame bolts bolt into.

At this point I am thinking its not worth the bolt breaking for the performance upgrade I would realize with the bolts.

He was able to tighten the bolt to 96 foot pounds (I believe that is the proper torque specs on those bolts)

I appreciate any assistance here....thanks!
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