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Whats Up! Tacoma to WRX

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Whats up guys. Just sold my beloved 2012 tacoma that I built up over 4 years into my dream overlanding rig. Full time student meant it was time for a better highway car and I dont have time to travel and wheel in the tacoma anymore.

Picked up a '16 wrx base for a solid deal with only 9,000 miles. Enjoying the car so far, no issues whatsoever.

Looking forward to learning a lot and slowly building the car up.

First mod was the usual, Nameless Axleback, looking to fix this god awful sound system asap.

Here are a few pics of the old and new. Thanks

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Both good looking vehicles. I really like the Tacoma's and have considered buying one.

A new head unit makes a huge change to the sound quality so I would start there. Lots of folks have said the quality of sound is leaps and bounds better than doing a speaker upgrade.

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Tacoma and a Subaru...

What kind of car "enthusiast" are you?!
Good to know man! I think a head unit is the right first move!
Welcome bud, nice Taco!
Love the tacoma. ..considered trading my rex for one. Welcome
mjmwrx said:
Love the tacoma. ..considered trading my rex for one.
Keep the WRX and add a Tacoma to the stable

Although, I could be biased...
Welcome to the club.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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