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what's the big deal with 227 HP???

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ok...i gotta ask. but before I ask, let me just say I own a WRX...and I like it, but....

what's the big deal with 227 HP. about a year ago it seemed like a really big deal and it was pretty much the only resonably priced car you could get with significantly more than 200 HP. now its a year later and 227 doesn't sound that impressive anymore. the new Honda's come with 240HP STANDARD, there's the maxima with 255HP, and of course the somewhat more pricey G35 coupe with 280HP (and of couse the 350Z). Now sure all these cars have V6's and no turbo, and no wait a minute...bigger motor and no turbo means better low end and no turbo lag, and no AWD means they're does this mean the WRX isn't a big deal anymore? I mean noone really buys that "0-60 in 5.4 seconds" anymore...Intellichoice, Road and Track, Car and Driver and Consumer Reports, have the 0-60 around 6.8 sec. don't get me wrong, its fun to drive and all that, but have we just been out-sported???

suddenly I feel like that dork in the Civic I smoked. guess its time to change my sig
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blarg said:
bleah....the last French-designed vehicle I owned was a 1988 Jeep Wrangler...I still cringe thinking about it....I don't care if it craps gold nuggets I'm not getting into a French car.
I think you would enjoy the new Peugeots. Or the Renault Clio V16. Great potential, great chassis, a friend of mine told me it's a lot of fun to drive. They are GREAT french cars.

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Well, yes, me too... sometimes, I drive around and the car doesn't feel like it's pushing anymore. Just being spoiled. And we have to admit that you get very quickly to 60mph, so quickly that sometimes I don't realize I'm there yet and my passengers are like "It's fast but it's not that fast"... until they see how fast we get to 60.

I think the AWD and turbocharged(that turbo singing and kicking in on my Brother's Renault Super 5 GT Turbo was the best ever... only 115hp) made me really want to buy that car. I love the WRC so like any other "kid", I was excited to drive a "rally car".

And the street racing thing, beat by another "lame" car, or whatever else, well, we are all in a 0.5 second pocket sometimes. And the WRX can beat a lot of car off the line and can loose against a lot of cars off the line. Don't get me started on people who never drove a manual before owning a WRX. Plus the drop or slip the clutch deal. And rolling start. And my shoe is wet. And he had a fat cow in his car but I had 3 buddies. And on and on.

I think it's a great car. A lot of fun. And if you start asking yourself why 227hp and $25k while a Neon can have 215hp and turbo for under $20k and a fully loaded new Accord for $27k with 240hp and... and... well, you will hurt yourself, all day.

It's up to you to enjoy it or to sell it. Whatever makes you happy.
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