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what's the big deal with 227 HP???

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ok...i gotta ask. but before I ask, let me just say I own a WRX...and I like it, but....

what's the big deal with 227 HP. about a year ago it seemed like a really big deal and it was pretty much the only resonably priced car you could get with significantly more than 200 HP. now its a year later and 227 doesn't sound that impressive anymore. the new Honda's come with 240HP STANDARD, there's the maxima with 255HP, and of course the somewhat more pricey G35 coupe with 280HP (and of couse the 350Z). Now sure all these cars have V6's and no turbo, and no wait a minute...bigger motor and no turbo means better low end and no turbo lag, and no AWD means they're does this mean the WRX isn't a big deal anymore? I mean noone really buys that "0-60 in 5.4 seconds" anymore...Intellichoice, Road and Track, Car and Driver and Consumer Reports, have the 0-60 around 6.8 sec. don't get me wrong, its fun to drive and all that, but have we just been out-sported???

suddenly I feel like that dork in the Civic I smoked. guess its time to change my sig
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In boston you have to deal with crazy ass driving conditions. I could see someone in lets say Arizona or So Cal saying this stuff but for people who want to be able to drive their baby all year long in the NorhtEast- AWD is the way to go.

This coming from a guy who's corvette lease ran out a few months back. That car was scary even in the rain.

I'll race any year vette in the snow and feel confident that I would not only win- but survive. I'm sure all of you that have had 300+hp RWD cars have experienced the trepadation of having to drive knowing that a 180 degree spin is only a small ice patch away.

Anyway- also remember that these are not drag cars- but fun quick, great handling reliable autos.
-just as fun, if not more fun than my 40k vette.

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