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what's the big deal with 227 HP???

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ok...i gotta ask. but before I ask, let me just say I own a WRX...and I like it, but....

what's the big deal with 227 HP. about a year ago it seemed like a really big deal and it was pretty much the only resonably priced car you could get with significantly more than 200 HP. now its a year later and 227 doesn't sound that impressive anymore. the new Honda's come with 240HP STANDARD, there's the maxima with 255HP, and of course the somewhat more pricey G35 coupe with 280HP (and of couse the 350Z). Now sure all these cars have V6's and no turbo, and no wait a minute...bigger motor and no turbo means better low end and no turbo lag, and no AWD means they're does this mean the WRX isn't a big deal anymore? I mean noone really buys that "0-60 in 5.4 seconds" anymore...Intellichoice, Road and Track, Car and Driver and Consumer Reports, have the 0-60 around 6.8 sec. don't get me wrong, its fun to drive and all that, but have we just been out-sported???

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GTP_Gator said:

First of all, you won't get beat by a G35 if you know how to drive your car. My best friend and I just went down there yesterday and looked at them b/c he might get one. He test drove the 4 door (both two doors they had on the lot where sold) and it was pretty fast buy no where near a Rex and the 4 door just has twenty less hp.

Second- A G35 coupe is going to cost you 37000-38000 dollars. The dealer told us not to expect any 31500 dollar ones for some time.

Third- The trunk on the G35's is non-existant, they have to have a diagram just to show people how to fit 2 golf bags in it.

Fourth- I paid 27000 bucks for a car that does 6.7 0-60's and runs 15.1-14.9 quater miles. The whole 6.8 0-60 probably came from a driver that just slammed on the gas from idle. I have seen stock Rex's run 14.4-14.6's all day on an engine that isn't even broken in.
Mashing the gas doesnt help you go faster?
So pushing it down steadily is faster then mashing on an auto?
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