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what's the big deal with 227 HP???

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ok...i gotta ask. but before I ask, let me just say I own a WRX...and I like it, but....

what's the big deal with 227 HP. about a year ago it seemed like a really big deal and it was pretty much the only resonably priced car you could get with significantly more than 200 HP. now its a year later and 227 doesn't sound that impressive anymore. the new Honda's come with 240HP STANDARD, there's the maxima with 255HP, and of course the somewhat more pricey G35 coupe with 280HP (and of couse the 350Z). Now sure all these cars have V6's and no turbo, and no wait a minute...bigger motor and no turbo means better low end and no turbo lag, and no AWD means they're does this mean the WRX isn't a big deal anymore? I mean noone really buys that "0-60 in 5.4 seconds" anymore...Intellichoice, Road and Track, Car and Driver and Consumer Reports, have the 0-60 around 6.8 sec. don't get me wrong, its fun to drive and all that, but have we just been out-sported???

suddenly I feel like that dork in the Civic I smoked. guess its time to change my sig
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Two things:

1. they're NOT lighter. They just have a lighter drivetrain.

2. Torque is what really counts.. The WRX has gobs.

Well, 3 things I guess. 6.8 sec?? Don't know about the others but C&D and R&T do not have that. In fact, the 5.4 IS C&D's figure. Check out their October review: Sedan&class=42
Was watching the WRC on Speedvision the other night...that little Peugot 205(?) has over 580 ft/pnds of torque. THATS gotta be fun. Commentator said its 50-80 more than the other cars runnin around.
bleah....the last French-designed vehicle I owned was a 1988 Jeep Wrangler...I still cringe thinking about it....I don't care if it craps gold nuggets I'm not getting into a French car.
Blarg... those cars you mentioned may have more power, but check out their 0-60 times... definitely not as low as 5.4.
yeah, and have you checked out their 0-60 for the WRX wagon??
6.8 seconds...seems kinda wierd since its only 80 ponuds heavier...
I'm with GV on this one. My car weighed something like 3200lbs on the scales with me in it (can't remember the exact number which I posted elsewhere). Whichever way you cut it, that's pretty light for an AWD 4-door that pushes 227 turbocharged horsepower. The WRX handles pretty good out of the box, and can be made to handle astonishingly well with just a few mods. The wagon in particular has very close to the perfect 50/50 weight distribution.

There are not many cars that give you better bang-for-the-buck IMO. LS-1 Camaros are probably contenders, but who wants to wear the obligatory mullet?

blarg said:
bleah....the last French-designed vehicle I owned was a 1988 Jeep Wrangler...I still cringe thinking about it....I don't care if it craps gold nuggets I'm not getting into a French car.
Hmm... the YJ Wrangler was just a slight revision of the late model (81 onwards) CJ-7 which was designed by AMC. This mainly included: Wider track through use of different rear axle and revised front. Lower suspension. New dash. Revised motor. New tranny and t-case. In fact, 99% of the components are directly interchangeable between these two Jeeps since their tubs and frames are identical.

I digress...

My Jeep history is o-k, but you'll have to enlighten me on the French connection (no pun intended) as I'm drawing a big blank here. :confused:

On another note: My family has owned French automobiles since I was a child. Mostly Peugeots. I would have to say these are the most reliable vehicles I have had experience with, and the motors would regularly top 250,000 miles with just routine maintenance carried out. Come to think of it, my YJ Wrangler has been just about the toughest most reliable vehicle I have personally owned... :)

Its time to remember how stoked you were when you first were getting your wrx.

You need to step back and appreciate the car you have. There are not many like it out there. Where can you get a car that will do 0-60 under 6 sec. , top speed over 140mph, mid 14 second 1/4 mile, carrie 5 adults , has subaru reliability, has a race car counterpart, option for a wagon, easily moddified for ridiculuse speed and handling. all for under $25,000 ??????

today leaving work a guy walked up to me and said "thats one awsome machine you have there"!!!!

he is right... the wrx rocks!!!!

If I wanted just a lot of h.p. I would have bought a big block gremlin for $8000.00 off of some *******, or a used ss camaro

this car is the best choise for me. it is faster than 90 % of the cars I ever see on the roads I drive. and it dose it with style
The 6.8 0-60 times are usually from wagons with automatic transmissions with less than optimal driving conditions. Remember tempertures change and some drivers are better than others.

Edit: also whos to say that the driver who recorded the 6.8 doesnt weigh 300lbs and had some stuff in the back.
the French connection on the YJ - that re-designed tranny and transfer case were designed by a French the 2 years that I owned my YJ I went through 2 trannies and 3 rear differentials...and that's with 85% normal commuting.

and thanks for restoring my faith in the WRX....I guess I was starting to get a little of the "i'm getting used to driving this thing every day" syndrome. I'll change back my sig
Blarg -- I see where you're coming from. I thought the same for a while. But I've come to learn that our cars need less hp to keep up with cars with more hp. Example: our 227 hp car is dead even performance wise with the 280 hp 350z. Throw in an uppipe and a boost controller, and we'd beat the z. That's what I love about my takes so little to make it do so much:D
blarg said:
yeah, and have you checked out their 0-60 for the WRX wagon??
6.8 seconds...seems kinda wierd since its only 80 ponuds heavier...
Yep, these figures are indeed from an automatic sport wagon, so they're not really accurate for 90% of the WRXs out there! While 5.4 is tough to replicate, think about the fact that with a $40 boost controller you have a car that can smoke 280hp Mustang GT's in the 1/4. HP is not the reason to buy any car, it's about power:weight ratio, and in our cases, the unmatched off-the-line performance of an AWD launch!
aftermarket uppipe + tuboback exhaust - $1300

remapped ECU $700

felling like an idiot 'cause you just got smoked by a bone stock Infiniti G35 Coupe - still working on that one
First of all, you won't get beat by a G35 if you know how to drive your car. My best friend and I just went down there yesterday and looked at them b/c he might get one. He test drove the 4 door (both two doors they had on the lot where sold) and it was pretty fast buy no where near a Rex and the 4 door just has twenty less hp.

Second- A G35 coupe is going to cost you 37000-38000 dollars. The dealer told us not to expect any 31500 dollar ones for some time.

Third- The trunk on the G35's is non-existant, they have to have a diagram just to show people how to fit 2 golf bags in it.

Fourth- I paid 27000 bucks for a car that does 6.7 0-60's and runs 15.1-14.9 quater miles. The whole 6.8 0-60 probably came from a driver that just slammed on the gas from idle. I have seen stock Rex's run 14.4-14.6's all day on an engine that isn't even broken in.
blarg. very good question, i wonder it pretty often, my stang has round 190. but its an auto, and that 30 or so hp difference makes a very large difference. when looking at numbers theres so many things to factor, weight, torque, gearing, drivetrain. It is very easy to say its only 227, this has 240, that has 260, but in the end of the day your probably faster and bc of the smaller 4 cylinder more fuel economical
I don't know about you, but I have a $40 MBC set to a very conservative 15.2psi and if somebody wants to line next to me that runs 6.8sec 0-60's, they are going to get smoked pretty bad. And keep in mind that I do not bang my transmission nor do I smoke my clutch. The driver, as many people have said before me, is the most important mod. I look forward to the day that a G35 coupe lines up next to me, that extra $12K he spent is not going to help him off the line, its not going to get 5 people to the airport, let alon any of their luggage!!


I think you're getting carried away by marketing numbers. C'mon, would you even bother racing an accord (even if it had a lot more hp listed)?

I do like the trend for more power across the board with all the car makers. That puts the bar up, but some makers seem to just make the engine bigger, but not he car any quicker or faster or better handling. I like subaru's method of evolving their proven rallycar into a car for the masses.

I've had my WRX for almost 4 months now, and it's still plenty fast for me.
You're right there isn't that big of a deal with 227hp, do you know why I bought the car? POTENTIAL, it is very easily modded and can be turned into a monster fairly easily. Do you think you're going to be able to do that with an NA car like the 350Z, yes maybe but not easily.
I bought mine because it was safe, reliable, and most importantly, AWD. The turbo is just a special feature.;) Horsepower doesn't sell me at all. If that was the case, I would have bought a Ford F250 powerstroke diesel.
I've gotta agree with the other fellas here: spend time developing the driving skill to take advantage of the WRX's potential. I'd do this before you even think about modding it. If you're into drag, go to the strip and practice until you're into the mid 14s. And, for your own sake, don't dwell on the numbers. There will always be a faster drag car out there, until you get enough money to buy a top fuel dragster. The WRX is faster than probably 95% of the cars you'll see today. It just takes a while to learn how to use it well.
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