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The time has come to part ways with my old WRX. I bought it new in April of 2002. I have no idea what to ask for it, when I've done some searches I see wildly different asking prices. Maybe KBB is correct (~4-5K) but with so few of them around its hard to say. So you guys and gals know more about this than me is if you wouldn't mind giving me your $.02

The Good:
1 adult owner, I bought it new in April 2002. First year the WRX came to the US
Only 120K miles, always garaged at home, and garaged at work since ~2008
Everything works unless noted below
Never raced or auto crossed, was too scared of damage or voiding warranty back then, too old now.
No rust that I have seen on it.
If you’re a collector I have the window sticker, brochures, magazine articles, and all that stuff from 2002 when I bought it.
Original spare tire never been out of the trunk
Have documentation of its service history
All scheduled maintenance is up to date including the timing belt change where the H2O pump, cam seals, and other stuff was replaced while at it. (120K service coming up)
Had 1 manufacturer recall where the fuel rail gasket or something was changed, back around 2003
Radiator was just replaced 5/2017
Newer tires (Continental pro contact DWS) in '16 at ???? miles
Interior is very clean
Even have the original floormats which are unused

Factory Options:
Rear deck spoiler
Upgraded audio with sub woofer, 6 disk changer
Auto dimming mirror & compass
5 speed

Removed the daytime running light module. Its included with the sale just put it back in if you want.
Had a boost gauge on it for a few years in an A pillar but it’s removed now and included with the sale.

The Bad:
Brakes have occasional grinding noise, the dust shield likes to bend in and rub the disk during a turn, just pull it back and its fine
Check engine light comes on occasionally during hot weather for a cylinder misfire, I guess this is common from reading the forums and the 120K tune up should resolve it.
Front passenger side inside CV boot may have a pinhole or maybe I'm seeing old grease from the time it was replaced before.
Front driver side CV axle seal is seeping at the transmission, not leaking to a drip but it just looks a bit damp
Has had famous WRX clutch shimmy on cold damp days since new.

The Ugly:
Headlights could use a polish
1 accident in ’03 or ’04, front passenger tire hit a curb on ice and bent a couple suspension components, had it fixed at the dealership I bought it at.
Rear bumper has a small black scuff mark, I think a shopping cart bumped it.
Rear driver side taillight has a hairline crack, been there 10+ years no moisture on the inside ever so I guess it doesn’t go through
Has 1 nasty door ding, I hope karma caught up with that jerk.
Has a few hail dents
Has a couple minor door dings from parking lot pigs
Has the usual sand pitting on paint and glass consummate with 120K miles
Auto dimming rearview mirror broke
One speaker is somewhat broken sometimes you can hear it rattle with bass
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