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Hi all. I have a 2017 WRX that is currently running a stage 2 Cobb OTS tune with a Cobb catted J-Pipe and stock catback. I've been on this setup for a bit over two years now with no issues.

Recently I got a check engine light, and my Cobb Accessport shows the P0137 engine code. This is the low voltage from the rear O2 sensor error. I had cleared it, and it stayed off for about two weeks then came back again.

According to the Accessport, the rear O2 sensor voltage hovers around 2.00 or 1.97 volts at idle and seems to max out at around 2.8 volts when driving. So the voltage isn't 0, but I don't know what is the normal voltage range for this sensor.

Is that a normal voltage? Should I replace the sensor with a new one?

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