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Still waiting on getting my 2020sti. Buying in march
Start to finish my list is ...
1990 Nissan pickup
2000 ford ranger xlt off road
1999 Subaru Legacy GT
1999 ford ranger xlt side step ... Subaru blew motor on way home from dealer got it “fixed” popes 3 more times called AG. Filed claim got it bought back by dealer then bought truck
2005 ford ranger xlt or edge I don’t remember
2008 Chevy cobalt ... gas was 410 a gallon...
2011 ranger edge
2014 focus shitmobeal... three clutches later...
2015 Nissan Morano. Cvt NEVER again
And sense 2017 I have been payment free driving a 2002 Saab 95 earo 2.3 T
Daily driven and has 195k on it best 900 bucks I’ve ever spent! I bought it with 119k no rust heated leather... well that’s about it ac is shot eats tires every 20k hard as hell to get parts for but it’s a solid ride and I plan on running it till it’s completely shot. Winter rat to help the new sti last.
Wanted an sti for a long time just could not justify it. At 35 I own my home have a good career and it’s time for dad to have the ride he wants. She has an suv and we have a trailer to haul stuff sooo I guess I don’t need to buy a truck !!!helloooo sti !

Had 3 motorcycles in there too a bule bast a Yamaha 650 v star and a 1300 vstar did a few mods on the 1300. Hyper charged drag exhaust cobra tuner. Gave up bikes due to too many people texting almost killing me to send an lol... close to death three times in one year each time I saw a cell phone in hand of the driver.... pay attention people!!!!!

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Damn. This thread is back from the dead.

1994 Isuzu Pickup
1992 Geo Storm
2003 Nissan Sentra Spec V
2009 Honda Civic Si Coupe
2002 Hyundai Elantra (Financial restructuring...)
2008 350z
2013 WRX Sedan (White)
2015 STi Base (WRB)
2018 STi Base + Recaro seat package (White)

I'd still be rocking my 2015 STi base for another year or two had the car not had some suspension issues that Subaru couldn't fix.
1961 - 1963 of 1963 Posts