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Well, I went out with some friends and had some friendly races on the way to the spot and on the way home.... Its a big night for people to instigate races in this area (schaumburg) for those that know the area.

wrx vs eclipse

eclipse mods: MBC @ 18psi, full 3" exhaust, intake, FMIC
------ cruising around 65mph I see some bright head lights and a FMIC come out of the shadows behind me. he pulls up next to me and a buddy and we all coast to ~50mph. I go into 3rd and wait for him to punch it. he gets a 1 car jump or so, and I am waiting for my turbo to spool up. getting towards the top of 3rd and I am starting to pass him..... Going into 4th and I am roughly 2 cars ahead and shut it down before things get to crazy.

wrx vs Evo

evo mods: I could hear a BOV and saw an exhaust.
-------- This was more or less just playing around. He comes up fast behind me and then passes @ near 90mph. I dont take the bait and continue to cruise. I catch up to him due to a red light and we are coasting at about 25 mph. Light turns green and I give it about 3/4 throttle. I pass him up by about a car where he then gets serious and proceeds to make up ground and put about half a car on me. It stayed very even from then on with me at his rear door. (My guess is that he had catback and BOV) probably not to much more.

wrx vs E46 M3

Finally got a shot at one of these.... (sorta).
he looked stock and I was just simply admiring his car. I kinda started to instigate the race because I wanted to see this car in action. Needless to say....... He hit it and I tried to play catch up from about 65mph.... I tried for like 2 sec and gave up because he was already like 4 cars ahead and it was only getting worse by the second:(

I usually dont race, but I was bored tonight and the oppertunities presented themselves.... I was interested to see where my car stood against all these others. All conditions were relatively safe with not much traffic.

o yeah, my mods are turboback +UP, STS___ 02' wrx

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