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Weird headlite issue..

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New here, but a wrench all my life. Way more mechanical than electrical though! 2003 WRX Wagon, used, lotta miles, but runs. The drivers headlight is always on (daylight) and will go off if a slight pull the E Brake. I'm at a loss here. Any help/opinions appreciated. New car to me so will have more questions
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This is normal. It's the DRL system that comes stock on these cars.

The question you should actually be asking is "why does my passenger DRL not turn on?"

Check the bulb then check the harness.
Its not the DRL (although I will pull the 10 pin connector under/front glove box to disable) but the whole headlight is on. Have a great shop close and a super wrench that knows anything electrical so let him look it. Thanks..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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