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Hi guys,

A few months ago I got myself a 2005 Blobeye Impreza WRX. I love the car and already had some bits and bobs done to it.

One thing that I have noticed for a while now though is mainly when driving in 4th and 5h gear at 60+ speeds, is when I lightly put my foot on the accelerator I can hear this weird buzzing sound which sounds like its on my side of the car (right hand side) and possibly behind me. If I push the accelerator down a little further it goes quieter/goes away, and if I take my foot off the accelerator it goes. So only seems to be in a certain amount of acceleration? But only in those 2 gears or at high speed.

Doesnt seem to affect driving in any way at all, its just a bit annoying haha!

Hope you guys can help!
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