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Where are the technical guys to explain the benefits?!

From Suby Sports:
"We are glad to announce that as of this site update Suby Sports is the only company that is carrying the newest in ultra efficiency Water to air intercooler kits on the market.

This kit fits the new WRX, and can be retrofitted with a few additional parts to turbo kits made by many manufacturers for the Subaru legacy, forester, impreza.

THIS IS FOR TURBO CARS ONLY... this is not available for non turbo vehicles.
The kit is complete with
2 heat exchangers
5000 hour marine pump
intercooler and brackets
heat shield (for pump)
the required hardware for instalation

These will be ready for release on October 8

These are epoxy painted black and optional colors are available, with special color order adding aprox 1-to 2 weeks lead time worst case...

special color requests please e-mail first before ordering to [email protected]

Only 1499.95 plus 70.00 insured shipping (S&H For US 48 States) and can not be drop shipped this unit must be delivered to the cc billing address and must be signed for"

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Might be great for drag racing where you can chill the water with ice before the run. However, once the water warms up to the same temp as the intake charge, then efficiency drops compared to an air to air intercooler. Water tends to strongly resist any temp changes better than most liquids. And that's a good thing when the water temp in the IC is cooler than the intake air because that means the water will absorb a lot of heat. But after a few minutes once the the water temp reaches the same temp of the intake air and higher, then it's a battle to remove that heat from the water. So unless your drag racing, I would stick with an air to air since it is the most efficient IC. If you need more cooling, consider a water spray onto the IC or get a larger IC.

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