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Hi guys! Im new To this forum... I recently bought a WRX 2010. A couple weeks ago i hadn’t a misfire in cylindre one.

I got that fixed by changing a dead ignition coil.

Everything went well from there but yesterday while driving I realized that when I’m i give a little throttle my L/100KM sky rockets capping at 50L/100km. I’m used rib seeing MAX 28-29 on high rev on 1st and second gear... I do not have a C.E.L on nor do I have a loss of power... seems to be wasting more gas than usual only while accelerating. While cruising it’s at normal.

Here are a few issues I am already aware of with My car:

“Swollen” ignition coil cyl3
Muffler flange in the back is pretty much finished as I can see the gap (1/4 inch-1/2 inch approx.)
Cabin filter needs to be changed (highly doubt that’s my issue)
Intake filter needed to Be change so I did that today since it’s a pretty easy fix and took me 5 minutes. ( did a little spin in the parking lot and the problem still occurs)

Please help me I am not sure if I can even scan codes without check engine light on.
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