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SOLD: 2005 WRX, 55k, VF39, EWG, APS, AEM, COBB, Helix, Koyo, Perrin, Prodrive, JDM

All of the photos taken on 11/4/11: Flickr: kapsa's Photostream

Never thought I’d be doing this, but I am selling my WRX in preparation for relocation with no need to own a car.

5-speed manual, Crystal Grey Metallic 48W
"Base model": no moon roof, no rear wing, no heated seats
~54,700 original miles (will increase as it is my daily)
Clean title (CA, WA), WA tabs good ‘til 9/2012
Great condition in/out


2005 STI VF39 turbo, ported and polished (bracket to run EWG, IWG is not welded)
Tial 38mm external wastegate (silver, atmospheric dump tube)
Ultimate Racing EWG uppipe
JDM STi 565cc pink injectors (GBOD deleted)
Walbro 255Lph fuel pump
NGK one-step colder copper spark plugs
2005 STI top mount intercooler w/ STI BPV
APS top mount intercooler splitter
APS turbo inlet pipe
APS 65mm cold air intake (with K&N C.A.R.B sticker ;))
APS TGV deletes
Hondata intake manifold heatshield
Helix 3" downpipe (catless)
Borla XR-1 catback exhaust (Full 3", catless)
Synic Motorsports equal-length header (wrapped)
Koyorad aluminum radiator
Prodrive boost control solenoid
AEM injection kit (tuned for 50% water/50% methanol by volume, failsafes wired-in)
Perrin crank pulley
Ceramic-coated OEM turbo heatshield
Sun Hyper Voltage System GT and Hyper Ground System
Paranoid Fabrication grounding kit
COBB AccessPORT version 1
Tuned by Jon Drenas (of COBB Tuning SoCal)

2004 Forester XT struts/springs
OBX adjustable trailing arms (painted “refrigerator” white)
Generic lower arm bar (painted “refrigerator” white)
Helix front/rear sway bars (rear adjustable)
Whiteline anti-lift kit (sport model)
Offensive Power fender braces
H&R rear camber bolts
H&R extended wheel studs
Muteki open-ended lug nuts (black)
1998 RS 5-spoke (16x7”+53, OEM silver)
215/65R16 Firestone Winterforce UV (27" tire)

2004 headlights (non-STi, cleared, no leaks)
2005 STI side skirts
Blue Batmobile tail light overlay (6/10 tint)
JDM "SUBARU" trunk emblem
Rolled fenders, notched frame, wiring harness relocated (clean work, ready for “low and wide”)
No foglights (foglight switch wired for water/methanol arming/disarming)
Totsubo license plate mount (avoids drilling the front bumper cover)
2006 WRX dark grey door cards
2005 STI driver-side airbag cover
A'PEXi 60mm EL boost gauge
Black center console (textured paint)
Black HVAC button overlay (Stenner graphics)
Black STI floor mats

OEM security system upgrade
Fumoto engine oil drain valve
Goodridge stainless steel brakelines
Shell Rotella T6 5W-40 synthetic engine oil
Castrol GT LMA brake fluid
"Uncle Scotty's" transmission cocktail

*Yakima roof rack sold separately FS: (For Sale) Yakima Roof Rack - NASIOC

I've had the car since it was new (9/2004) and have always babied it through the years. My intention was to keep it forever by changing the oil every 3,000 miles and completing the regular scheduled maintenance myself. It has only been filled with gas from Chevron or 76 (91 in CA and 92 in WA). I have never actually launched the car, pulled the e-brake while moving for whatever reason, or abused it in any other way. For 6 of the 7 years of owning it, it was garaged in California until I moved up to the Pacific NW.

All the modifications have been chosen very carefully (ie. I never bothered with an aftermarket BOV or manual boost control). Nearly all modifications I've done/installed myself since I am an engineer by training and (over)protective of the car. No internal engine upgrades, but instead basically all the bolt-ons one can think of for a very reliable, street-friendly power band. Car runs flawlessly and motor is strong as expected with the relatively low mileage, power mods installed, and work of great tuners (Jon Drenas, Tim Bailey, Mike Warfield). On the AccessPORT there are two current maps for 1. Pump gas w/ EWG, 2. Pump + methanol/water injection w/ EWG (both by Jon Drenas), and one older map for 3. For the VF39 internally-gated setup (by Tim Bailey).

Although the current suspension and brake setup is mostly stock now (I should say OEM Subaru), I’ve had a variety of aftermarket setups for most of the car’s life. For example, I ran KYB struts, Prodrive springs, Tein Flex, Brembos, Subaru 4-Pots, Wilwoods, even Nissan 300ZX calipers one time or another. What this simply means is the actual mileage on the currently-installed corresponding OEM parts is much less than the ~55,000. It’s currently lifted for that beastly Pac NW-look. It's aligned to factory specifications and I have lifetime alignment from Firestone on the car so I can get another alignment before selling.

As far as incidents, it was involved in one (very minor) accident in 12/2005 that led to a rub-mark. This was all of the damage before the repair:

Full details of accident: I was stopped for a red light at an intersection, and the car directly behind me who was also stopped for the light decided to accelerate a little faster than me once the light had turned green. He was probably going 3 mph whereas I was going 1 mph (we hadn’t even passed the intersection yet). Being anal as I am, the bumper cover was repainted/color-matched at the best shop I could find in SoCal (Quigley’s in Lake Forest, same shop that painted the car for Fast and the Furious…seriously) so as to render it good as new. It's probably not even worth mentioning but I am not trying to hide anything whatsoever.


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Me and my soon to be wife just bot this car or going to tomarow at 9. Very happy. Would recomened bying anything from this gentalman. Everything that he posted was exactly what the car had and super clean! I will have pixs and more info on recits on thursday night posted. Thanks for everone who help me to find exactly what we needed. Looking forward on meeting all of you and see your cars. Please call for more info on car and mods but these pix and discription says it all! #360-286-8292. My name is brad

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As per OP, car is sold...
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