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Desert Storm Rally
March 17-18, 2012
Headquarted out of Blythe, Ca
Competitor Stages are over the border into Arizona
Desert Storm Rally

We still need some volunteers for the event coming up We would lov to have a Subaru Club to come out and show your cars out in front of the fundraising event on Friday night at the Blythe Volunteer Fire Dept Spaghetti Dinner and we are doing the Support Car Clubs Program.

If you and some freinds who have Subaru's can spotlight a stage by helping out then we will put your car club or meet onto the Event Website all during the year. We support car clubs that support rallys.

If you can help out at volunteering for the weekend or the day we would need you to register online via Desert Storm Rally and click on the volunteer section and sign up.
We still need
Control Stage Marshals- You are at the start or finish control...either putting a ideal start time or taking a clock and clicking it for a finish time control.
SuperSpecial Marshals which you can help out on the two superspecials wherr we may have some spectators at the Palo Verde College and at the I-10 Speedway.
FRS Radio Blockage where you would be blocking an area to make sure no one gets onto a hot stage and the use of a FRS radio to a person if you see a problem and if not you watch the cars go by in competition.

If interested we will have for you:

Spagehtti Dinner from 4Pm - 8PM
Volunteer Registration to get waivered and wristbanded and get your swag and meet with your team from. (6PM-10PM) at the Capital Suites
Pick up your:
Event shirt
Event Swag
Several volunteer gift certificates to be giving out at the drawing during the meeting

Free lunch on Saturday
Days worth of competition
Be able to go and see the rally cars at the I-10 Speedway -Saturday night and watch the cars run 4 laps onto the tarmac track and take the joker lap (X Games Style).

We finish early and able to go to the awards BBQ around 2PM back at the Palo Verde College.

So if you can get some friends or your car club together to help out. Just e-mail me at [email protected] and we will take care of your club's needs....

Lodging is at Capital Suites in Blythe, Ca - 760-922-9209 (ask for the rally rate)
1 King Bed is - $60.00's
2 Queen Bed is - $70.00's

More information is being uploaded each day on the event website.
So help out and enjoy a weekend of comptition.

If you like there is Free RV parking at the college starting on Friday through Sunday. No hookups and there will be a porta potty.

Also there will be a spectator stage -Saturday only at the Palo Verde College-Blythe for anyone to come out and watch. Come and watch them service and then get ready to go right from there onto the super special behind the service area which this will happen at 12:23PM the fist car starts.

So we love to have your help as a volunteer or come out to watche them at Palo Verde College or at the I-10 Speedway in Blythe, Ca. But it is more fun to help out the weekend and make new friends.

Thank You...
Desert Storm Rally

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