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I got my Stage 1 remap installed in the car. Only other mods are Vishnu uppipe and TurboXS stealthback. Factory catback in place (argh!)

First off, hell yes! I was really rather impressed and then I did the Vishnu ECU reset and that made it even better. Also, Shiv has apparently found that the ECU has enough memory for a second boost map so he set it up as a sort of valet mode. You go WOT and hit the defroster switch and it changes to low boost (10 psi max) mode. It's great for when you have to leave the car for inspections or the wife :) If anything I wish he would have put an even lower cap on the boost, like 6 psi.

I'm sure I'll get used to the power and want more, but to be honest I can't imagine going to a bigger turbo and giving up the low end response - it's just too nice to have in a daily driver. Also, the turbo hit is hard now; some of the dyno plots I've seen show you guys gaining 150 hp in 1000 rpm. That must be ridiculously violent. Before you think I'm a pansy, I have a new GSXR100 so acceleration isn't something foreign.

One curious thing, the guy at Vishnu told me they do not recommend the K&N drop-in with their Stage1 remap. I haven't taken it out and swapped back to the OEM filter yet.
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