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Mods are: STi HO fuel pump, STi HO 535cc GD/GG fuel injectors, Injen intake, STi top mount intercooler, STi catless up-pipe, Bosal twin-dump down-pipe, Bosal exhaust and the IHI VF34.

The place it was tuned/reflashed the ECU tuned it for rather slow, daily driving (Rallispec for you east coasters).

I'm looking into getting Turboexcess utek piggyback and a G reddy boost controller to optimize everything.

Am I going to need to look into changing drivetrain components to compensate for the power I'd be looking at?

And how much power WOULD I be looking at? The dyno/tune shop said at least 380 at the wheels with the piggyback.

Just curious before dumping $1800 more into the car. :)
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