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just my 2 pennies:

I have a vf30 with sti injectors. Since I still have the stock ecu, I have to manipulate the fuel pressure to get rid of my rich condition top end. According to the Delta Dash, so far so good. However with the Delat Dash, what I see is peak boost 4k - 5k and then it begin to drop from 6k-7k. BTW I have the TXS HPMBC. Power with the vf30 is more linear and for me more "streetable" than the stock turbo in my opinion. I do get a power surg at ~4000rpm. I don't know why this is so but I think it has to do with the open loop AF ratio set by the stock ecu. Hopefully the UTEC will solve all this for me.

There are other bolt on turbo like APS and AVO. For some good information on IHI turbos for your WRX, check and search for the turbo in question. Sometimes you're find some great information there. Last time I was there, they had an article on a 2.4L vf22 turbo wrx which should run in the 10.xx. I can't seem to find it now for you guys but hopefully you can find it.

Happy Motoring...BlueMax
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