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Just wanted to share what I did when buying my '21 WRX last year since market prices aren't the most friendly right now.

Shipping cars is an option these days. When I realized this while I was searching for my perfect WRX, I used sites like Cargurus and and I removed the limitations on distance so that it was searching everywhere in the US. Then -since I was looking for a New car only, I ordered the list from Lowest to highest price.

Instantly, I found a dealership down in Florida that was selling a new '21 Premium for about $30,000 even. For reference, the cheapest Premium I could find by me (Central Jersey) was listed at $34,000 + dealer fees, etc. This dealer didn't have any large dealer fees, I think I ended up paying $100 or $200 compared to the $500 that some local dealers tried to sneak in. The dealership in FL also provided me with a lifetime power train warranty (y)

So of course the next question is: how did I get it here? Well, I could have flown down for around $200 and then drove it back up which would have been about 1000 miles, or 13ish hours. Because of my scheduled, I opted to have it shipped for around $1000 (including all fees and insurance). I used a company called Sherpa Auto Transport but there were a lot of other options.

I just wanted to share my experience for anyone else in the market today. Hope you find it useful!

Side note: After doing this, I also got a call back from a NY dealership that tried to sneak in a $4000 mark up on a car that was listed for $32k ("because it's the best price I'll find"). I got the satisfaction of telling him that I was able to save $5000 (even with shipping) by getting one from Florida. It was a good call.

Other note: Make sure you understand all aspects of the deal if you try this method. I almost had to wait 2 weeks (but I resolved it) to be able to register my car because I chose to wait and pay the taxes in NJ rather than Florida. Make sure you discuss this with the dealer so that you know it will have a temporary plate that you can use until you get it all registered.
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