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Would it safe to up my boost of my 2011 wrx higher then 17lbs I'm now stock boost 14.~ Just wondering if installed a wideband and got a boost controller of some sort. Also upgraded my fuel pump to warlbro 255 if I could push a few more pounds then 17.....
No it wouldnt be safe
So overall you got;
-Wideband gauge
That monitor A/F ratio with a probe in the exhaust.
-Boost Controller
Now you can change boost target.
-255 Fuel Pump
More fuel capacity (in pumping)

Changing boost values will greatly offset a lot of other criticals values, how will you adjust those settings? I don’t see any mods capable to do so.

Basically if you simply increase boost you’ll run lean for sure because nothing is changed in the ECU tables. Your fuel pump will do nothing about it by the way.

That here is the kind of recipe for disaster. As in every cases, you’ll proper tuning if you want to be able to run more boost, and even then maybe your not chasing the right thing because in my scenario I made a lot more power without changing the boost target. With supporting mods and pro-tune on dyno. Usually with all bolts-on, i.e; Intake, Downpipe, +++ you’ll be able to tune with about the same “stock” boost while making a lot more whp, now thats getting interesting because more boost isnt always a good thing.

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